We engage local youngsters in bringing social change 

Doing Our Bit recruits and trains local youth to drive community health awareness and education initiatives


Our volunteers engage with school children to inculcate a sense of social responsibility in them and provide practical advice on their health and nutrition related problems.
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Our volunteers propagate preventive health lessons and immunization awareness among rural mothers, school children and elderly.

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Thousands of Indian villages do not have access to any kind of healthcare facility. Millions die due to ailments that could easily have been prevented through basic health interventions and preventive health education.
Doing Our Bit enables local youth to provide such health education in and around their communities. From basic hygiene lessons to nutrition, immunization and maternity care: Doing Our Bit volunteers ensure that people in their communities are safer against avoidable health problems.


Doing Our Bit conducts nutrition talks, enabling rural mothers to cook healthier meals for their children with available ingredients. 
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Improving quality of life in rural communities through


of youth in social initiatives
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